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When it comes to carpet, there are literally thousands of different styles and colors. In fact, there’s so much that it can be confusing to determine what the perfect carpet is for you. That’s why at Jamies Carpet Shop, our sales staff and interior designers are perpetually trained on the latest advances in the industry. Carpet ten years ago is not what it is today, which is why it’s especially important to talk to an expert that has been trained with the latest information. Have you ever bought a computer only to find it obsolete in six months from the date you bought it? Well, with carpet it’s not quite that bad, but continuous changes in fiber construction, stain resistance, and the way a carpet wears are all things that manufacturers try to improve on every day.

When you buy at Jamies Carpet Shop, you can be absolutely positive that you are receiving first quality materials that are the latest that the industry has to offer, and that it will be installed according to strict manufacturer guidelines. When you buy carpet from us (or anything from Jamies Carpet Shop), you’re covered for the life of that carpet. With any major investment, it’s that kind of assurance that you need to have.


Why Choose Carpet?

  • Carpet’s cushioned surface absorbs sound and is less noisy to walk on than hard surface flooring.
  • Affordability, carpet is one of the most economical flooring products to have installed.
  • The insulating properties of carpet provide additional warmth underfoot during cold seasons.
  • Carpet is a non-slip surface that is safe underfoot and provides a cushion to prevent breakage when delicate items are accidentally dropped.
  • Most synthetic carpets are treated with static, stain and soil resistant treatments, making them easy to clean and maintain

Enviornmentally friendly...Smart

Mohawk leads innovation in sustainable flooring with SmartStrand carpet made using DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer. DuPont exclusively provides Mohawk with fiber made from Bio-PDO, the key ingredient that makes Sorona. Because Sorona is made from corn sugar, 37 percent of the carpeting fiber is a renewable resource, replacing ingredients normally derived from petroleum.

Additionally, the production of the Sorona polymer requires 30 percent less energy and emits 63 percent less Greenhouse gas than creating an equal amount of nylon.

Plus, every seven yards of SmartStrand saves one gallon of gasoline.

Mohawk SmartStrand carpet made with DuPont Sorona renewably source polymer is environmentally smart.

Beautiful colors, soft… Smart

SmartStrand carpeting is design-smart, too, available in a rainbow of fantastic colorsand softness you have to touch to believe. carpet-stack

Mohawk’s always been known for beautiful carpets in a wide variety of colors, styles, textures and construction. SmartStrand is nodifferent. Visit your Mohawk Authorized Retailer to see all the amazing carpets made using SmartStrand fiber using DuPont Sorona renewably sources polymer.

While its beauty will catch your eye, the softness will seal the deal. Compared to other fibers, SmartStrand is just a little softer to the touch. If you add a Premier or Elite Mohawk cushion underneath, not only do you add years to your warranty, but you enhance the plushness and comfort of your carpeting.

The colors and softness help make SmartStrand carpet even smarter.

Durable, resists stains… Smart

SmartStrand carpet from Mohawk includes superior stain resistance engineered into the fiber. That stain resistance will never wear off or wash off. SmartStrand never needs to be retreated with stain protectors, even after a steam cleaning.


Most stains — even red wine — cleans up with a little warm water. Even the most stubborn stains require just a mild detergent or Mohawk FloorCare Essentials.

You can’t believe just how easy Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is to clean.

So its lifetime stain resistance makes SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer the smartest choice in carpeting available today!

Triexta Is The New Standard Carpet Fiber

Mohawk’s triexta carpet fiber was recently granted approval by the Federal Trade Commission as a subclass ot polyester. Triexta is similar to polyester in that they share the same chemical structure, but the similarities end there. Mohawk triexta carpet fibers are extremely durable and have a much higher stain resistance than many other types of carpet fibers.

- Ceramic Tiles -

Ceramic Tiles

No one can argue the long term durability of Ceramic tile. It is not for everybody, especially those that like to lounge around on the floor and watch television. But for those who are looking for a nearly final flooring solution, ceramic tile is the perfect choice. At Jamies Carpet Shop we carry the largest selection of imported and domestic tiles, and because of our volume buying power, our prices simply can’t be beat.

And if you want to step outside of the standard tiled floor, Jamies Carpet Shop tile installers are renowned for making a ceramic tile floor look more like a piece of artwork than something that’s meant to walk on. Whether you’re looking for a durable solution or a floor that makes a profound and beautiful statement, Jamies Carpet Shop has the right ceramic tile floor for you.


Why Ceramic?

  • Affordability: Thanks to the recent advancements in technology, ceramic tile is no longer affordable to just the “Rich and Famous”. Today, ceramics are in the same price range as other better quality floor coverings.

  • Affordability: Because ceramic tile is considered a permanent product, the Real Estate Appraisal Guide lists it as a product that increases the resale value of your home; therefore, it is an investment, rather than a cost.

  • Cost: Ceramic tile is less expensive than most alternative products. While the initial cost may be higher than some, in the long run it is less expensive because it does not have to be replaced every few years.

Ceramic Tile’s Outstanding Characteristics:

  • Durability: Some building products are beautiful but not durable. Others are durable, but they lack beauty. Ceramic Tile is the ultimate product, combining both beauty and durability.

  • Stain Resistance: Ceramic Tile is the most stain resistant building product there is. In fact, most glazed tiles are stain proof.

  • Color Permanence: Ceramic tile is one of the only decorative building products that will not fade or discolor with sunlight.

  • Dirt Resistance: Ceramic tile is the easiest of all decorative building products to maintain. Soil remains on the surface for easy cleaning.

  • Hygiene: Ceramic Tile is the cleanest of all building products. Its surface will not retain liquids or absorb odors.

- Laminate Flooring -

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring was developed to give the look and feel of wood without too much concern for moisture, indentations, and the general shortcomings of natural wood. It’s absolutely perfect for almost any space and comes in a virtual plethora of designs and styles.

Laminate flooring is what is referred to as a “floating floor”, meaning it is not directly attached to the floor. First, much like carpet a cushion is laid down and the individual laminate planks are locked together over the top of the cushion. The cushion not only helps ease impact but also acts as an acoustical dampener.

At Jamies Carpet Shop, we have a tremendous selection of Laminate flooring from the world’s leading manufacturers, and like all other types of flooring, Laminate flooring has come a very long way in the areas of moisture, stain, and traffic resistance. If you believe that laminate flooring might be the right choice for you, then only at Jamies Carpet Shop will you see the full spectrum of your options. Come in today and experience the Jamies Carpet Shop difference for yourself.


The Look

It’s a natural look for your home and for the way you want to live. More pleasures and fewer chores. Laminate is available in all the natural looks you love, each one as beautiful as the real thing.

The Stength

Laminate floors are extremely durable and wear resistant. Easy installation,quick and simple cleaning. Laminate is sold in planks that are glued or snapped together and can be laid over most other existing floors (excluding carpet). Each board is constructed with a core of high density moisture resistant fiber board. Laminate Floors absorb impact & resist scratches better than most real wood floors.

The Feel

A hard surface.

The Clean Up

Laminate flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe away dirt with a moist cloth. No wax is needed. Just sweep, dust or swift for general cleaning. Do not use the swifters that leave a waxy film, use the swifters that clean with static electricity. You may damp mop a laminate floor just don’t put a lot of water on the floor. You must squeeze out as much water as possible before you apply the mop to the floor. Too much water can cause buckling along the seams. Every floor is non-allergenic and does not absorb odors. Laminate cleaning products are easily available.

- Vinyl -


When it comes to vinyl flooring, no one has a better selection than Jamies Carpet Shop. We carry literally thousands of patterns, and you are sure to find the perfect style and pattern for your home. Vinyl flooring is not the linoleum of old and it has made incredible advances making it more durable than ever before. We even carry Teflon protected Stainmaster Vinyl, a recent innovation that adds an entirely new dimension to this type of flooring.

With the introduction of laminate flooring, the manufacturers of vinyl were forced to make it better, longer lasting, and more resistant to scuffs, tears and stains. Today’s vinyl is higher quality than ever before, and Jamies Carpet Shop has the latest fashions just waiting to entirely change the look and feel of your living space.


- Hardwood Flooring -

Laminate Flooring

We offer a wide variety of wood and laminate products such as cork, bamboo, engineered hardwood, solid hardwood. With years of quality installation and service in Ohio, we have the experience required to provide the best installation for your product.




Hardwood has come a very long way in recent years. Gone are the days if having to wax, sand and refinish. In fact, today’s hardwood flooring has become virtually maintenance-free.

At Jamies Carpet Shop, we have a tremendous selection of hardwood flooring from the world’s leading manufacturers and the best prices that can be found anywhere. Whether you’re looking for oak, maple, cherry, hickory, rustic, modern, engineered, solid… the list goes on and on, and Jamies Carpet Shop has it all. And when it comes to installation, nobody matches the expertise that Jamies Carpet Shop brings in to every single home. For example, did you know that before hardwood flooring can be installed, a moisture test must be performed? Unbelievably, no one other than Jamies Carpet Shop performs this simple test. After all, it makes complete sense.

Hardwood is porous and succumbs to seasonal expansion and contraction, mostly due to moisture in the air and underneath the floor. If the right precautions aren’t taken, over time the floor can become damaged and not covered by the manufacturer. That’s why at Jamies Carpet Shop we do everything by the book, so our customers won’t be left holding the bag. When you buy hardwood from Jamies Carpet Shop, not only do you receive the best value, you receive a guarantee that your floor is covered for its life.