Hardwood flooring

We offer a wide variety of wood and laminate products such as cork, bamboo, engineered hardwood, solid hardwood. With years of quality installation and service in Ohio, we have the experience required to provide the best installation for your product.

Hardwood has come a very long way in recent years. Gone are the days if having to wax, sand and refinish. In fact, today’s hardwood flooring has become virtually maintenance-free.
At Jamies Carpet Shop, we have a tremendous selection of hardwood flooring from the world’s leading manufacturers and the best prices that can be found anywhere. Whether you’re looking for oak, maple, cherry, hickory, rustic, modern, engineered, solid… the list goes on and on, and Jamies Carpet Shop has it all. And when it comes to installation, nobody matches the expertise that Jamies Carpet Shop brings in to every single home. For example, did you know that before hardwood flooring can be installed, a moisture test must be performed? Unbelievably, no one other than Jamies Carpet Shop performs this simple test. After all, it makes complete sense.

Hardwood is porous and succumbs to seasonal expansion and contraction, mostly due to moisture in the air and underneath the floor. If the right precautions aren’t taken, over time the floor can become damaged and not covered by the manufacturer. That’s why at Jamies Carpet Shop we do everything by the book, so our customers won’t be left holding the bag. When you buy hardwood from Jamies Carpet Shop, not only do you receive the best value, you receive a guarantee that your floor is covered for its life.

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